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About us

Sunrise Paysagiste is a family business since the year 2000

Landscaping;  a word that means so much more than just cutting the grass. Landscaping is an inspiration, collaboration, a community. It’s a way to live a better outdoors life and share it with neighbors and family.

Sunrise Landscaping has been a family business since the year 2000, sharing its enthusiasm and hard work to meet and exceed your expectations. Located in the beautiful Outaouais region, our team channels their experience and passion to provide you with top quality landscaping services.

We are very proud of the absolute satisfaction of our clients, and we do our best to give each of them the attention they deserve.

Together, we are honored to be part of your little piece of land.

We will always remain mystified by actual creations of art

We all have an artistic side, we appreciate a beautiful painting, a classic play, and even a good movie. But the truth remains that even if we take advantage ofthe beautiful things in life, we will always remain mystified by actual creations of art.

As experts in landscaping, we can talk about the natural process required to form certain types of development, however we have a very good idea of how to putthe natural stone in value.

In this regard, the work of art actually materializes when it left our hands.

We thank all our customers for their confidence in us with their project and for giving us the latitude to express ourselves in the creation of landscaping.